The Chateau (1971)

The Chateau (1971)
Genre: Adult | Roughie
Country: USA | Director: Unknown
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 61mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 720x544 - 23.976fps - 499mb

 German slavers capture and torture beautiful women. 

"The Chateau, often called Chateau of Discipline, is one hell of a callous film that utterly deserves roughie status. It is the final film on the box set, and after the brilliantly disturbing, but shortened, Love Slaves, I thought The Chateau wouldn't hold up as much and deliver the goods. But not only did it continue the deservedly labelled depravity found within this box set, it also surprised me with its scenes of brutal sex and bondage-themed torture. Straight from the debauched pages of the Marquis De Sade, the sadism from the Chateau made me feel dirty and slimy with sweat - one of those rare films that requires you to shower yourself off afterwards, although you might need a chainsaw to get the filth off this time.

We begin with a drunken excuse for a man wandering the grubby streets, hunting for food and stealing alcohol from black dudes. He talks to us via his thoughts, explaining how he nearly had it all. He confides that he fell in love with a woman called Tracy, a woman that came to the chateau like every other woman in hopes of fulfilling her dreams of fame and fortune. He goes even further, explaining that he is on the run from the authorities while principally concealing the brutal criminal activity that he lauded inside the brutal walls of the chateau. The narration by the drunk suddenly ceases and so the story begins…

Tracy, a delicious blonde wearing high black boots and a sexy red blouse, stops off at the chateau. The chateau is a huge white building surrounded by a wilderness of palm trees as if in an unsuccessful attempt to hide itself from the city in close proximity. Tracy ambles her way up the steps to the grand front door. She is let inside by the baron and is then led into his study. She is interviewed, asked questions about her previous experiences of being a model whilst her body is examined thoroughly by the baron. The baron asks her to take off her clothing. She obliges and soon flees in terror as the baron mauls her pussy and thighs. As soon as she discovers the front door locked, two masked men wearing nothing but black sneak down the staircase to abduct her and take her upstairs where many more women are tied up…

Tracy is handcuffed to a table by the two men who then violate her, rape her, abuse her, slap her, degrade her, and whip her. She screams and pleads to be released, but her cries are ignored and turn-on the masked men even further. They laugh at her. The rapists rough fuck her and attempt to bully her into give them blowjobs. She declines and receives brutal flagellation as punishment. Her screams are authentic and the whipping is brutally real. You can literally hear the sound of the leather slapping her flesh like wet meat.

After the masked men - who are individually named guard 1, 2 and 3 - finish brutalising Tracy, they move on towards the other women already held captive. The women remain hanging by their wrists as they are repeatedly whipped. The depravity of the masked men seems to hold no limits. They force one of the female captives to rape a fellow captive with a painfully looking dildo. Each woman is constantly whipped and raped around the clock, and the masked men never reveal their faces.
Meanwhile, the baron and his sister gleefully watch through singular peepholes in the doors at the brutality within the many rooms of the chateau. They constantly check to see whether the guards are doing a decent job, and if they ever show signs of inertia, they are given a good talking to by the baron's sister.

The plot takes an interesting turn when one of the masked men falls in love with Tracy (the drunken guy from the opening scene). Tracy begs with her life to be released and the masked man promises her freedom after submitting to her incessant pleadings. But while the masked man falling in love with Tracy continues to abuse the women, he conjures up a plan to free Tracy from claws of the slavery ring she is being conditioned into…

Sandy Carey plays the role of Tracy in The Chateau. You will find her in many 1970's porn films and low budget drive-in horrors. Cindy Adams - who plays the role of the sister to the baron - can be found being subjected to bondage galore in Nicole, The Story of O, provided on the previous DVD, and in a main acting role in 1974's Flesh Gordon.

The Chateau is decently acted film with a good twist to boost. The sex scenes are rough and rather uncomfortable to watch. The constant whipping and abuse subjected to the female victims is heightened by their genuine acting of playing a victim; the constantly authentic flagellation is severe and the screaming, although acted, expresses real pain."
 The Chateau (1971)

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