Blacula (1972) William Crain

Blacula (1972)
Genre: Horror | Blaxploitation
Country: USA | Director: William Crain
Language: English | Subtitles: English (Optional, embedded in Mkv file)
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 93mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv - 1280x696 - 23.976fps - 3.28gb

Interior decorators buy the coffin of an African prince bitten by Dracula centuries before and bring it back to Los Angeles. The African prince starts feeding his hunger while following a woman who looks like his departed wife.

At the time of Blacula's release, studios such as American International and Hammer were pumping out cheap horror flicks for an ever-thirsting legion of young fans (myself included). At the same time, blaxploitation films were also making big bank . . . so why not combine the two genres? It was pure marketing genius, backed by some of the biggest box office of 1972. The great Shakespearean actor William Marshall (Dr. Daystrom to you original Star Trek fans) plays the tormented African prince magnificently; asleep for 200 years, he awakes to find an African-American culture riddled with blaxploitation cliches. It's bad enough such a dignified man has the hunger -- he also has to deal with these people in giant heels and 'fros. The juxtaposition works as a statement about what slavery did to African culture, but is never overtly mentioned. . .after all, this is a horror flick too! Extra points for a musical appearance by The Hughes Corporation (before their big hit, "Rock the Boat") and a fine supporting performance by Denise Nicholas, a wonderful actress who should have had a bigger career. More silly than scary, Blacula endures as a unique film and pop-culture time capsule worth seeing.

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  1. This reminded me of a date with this fine little filly named Marlene, we were just diggin the scene with a gangster lean in my 6-4 and she said she was hot and I said yeah, well that's not the only thing, Marlene. This car is hot. she said What do you mean? Stolen? I said No, I mean it's hot. Really hot., she said Hot? i said Yeah! We're sweating like pigs, man. Next thing I remember its the next day and Im at school talking about last night and I was sent to the Opportunity Room with my counselor Ms. Liz McIntyre who was one fine foxxy lady and I was about to start giving her my rap when who walked in, but the one oand only Foxy Brown, and then......wait a minute, thats a bunch of jive, I musta fell asleep after this flick and startred dreaming about some of the fine ladies in this here bloodsucker pic, I knew I had seen them before, damn, it was just a dream. BLACULA ROCKS if only for Vonetta, Pam and Denise, Charlie would have done just fine with these three bad ass women of my dreams. Check them all in one place, in 1972's Blacula, DigIt!
    Kudos mDiD!

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