The Glory Stompers (1967) Anthony M. Lanza

The Glory Stompers (1967)
Genre: Bikersploitation
Country: USA | Director: Anthony M. Lanza
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1 | Length: 83mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 528x224 - 23.976fps - 700mb

Chino is the tough leader of a motorcycle gang who starts off a war when he abducts and mistreats the leader of the enemy biker gang, Darryl, and his girlfriend Chris. Things get violent when Darryl comes back for revenge. 

It's a lot of rowdy fun for a late night, and there's even an exuberance to some of the scenes where the director Anthony M. Lanza and his cameraman go in like it's half a documentary on the proceedings. The budget was probably so low this was the only way to do it, to get right up into the action like gangbusters and gather what they could to move on. There's at times some tension created too, like when Chris (played by Chris Noel) uses as her bait the one sympathetic biker who seems like a genuine OK dude - not a good idea if there's a crowbar nearby (music cues)! The Glory Stompers is unmistakably dated, but in the context it was made it's no bad shakes when compared to something atrocious like the Hellcats. This is some quality, near "classic" trash, the kind you rub off with your arm to reveal some sharp elbow grease amid some hard rocking, conventional times with the boys from AIP.
 The Glory Stompers (1967)

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  1. Hi again! Just like to ask if HOLLYWOOD MAN (aka Stoker, 1976) is around. Couldn't find it on my own.

    Cannot believe it. It's on YT! Should've ckecked that earlier.

    PreEasy Dennis Hopper and that BadAss Biker Kasey Casem, if this is not worthy of a Criterion Release, or at least a BluRay, what is. I remember seeing this at a drive in, pretty sure I was in the trunk with two others while the two "paying" viewers were driving in with us stoways waiting for that latch to pop. We never did get popped either. The paralels are not lost on me either. Those were the days....Just hoped one of your buddies had not had a chili dinner on a trunk night either. I digress. One of the first of the 60's wave of Biker flicks, the new westerns, as they were. Sure in 65 Russ Meyer kicked the doors in with both boots with Motorpsycho, followed quickly, some shared fottage, with Faster Pussycat Kill Kill pushing the doors further, sweaters first this time. 66 is when the Bad Ass Bikers on their Bad Ass Harleys sporting patches and just being modern day cowboys began taking off, some cashing in on Russ, some taking it to heart, the way it always goes. Then 67 brought the Big Red Machine to the silver Screen abd hot damn it was onnnnnn. There are no bikers who dont love these, heck, even some HOG members get all "Lets go on rides like that guys, come on, after one more round of venti mocha's." And if ya cant dig this then ya cant dig nuthin. Take this wild ride outta squaresville and see where Dennis' head was at while germanating ideas for that other biker flick that he had yet to write, this could easily been the one that sparked the ideas that drove him to write his version of the Biker dream. Maybe if not for this, then not that, and that would be a shame. The ending of that one, althougth sticks with ya, a good alternate ending, if ever shot, would have been a nice addition to at least one of the hundreds of special editions in which the the opposite happened. Maybe George cudda done the deed since we know Billy and Wyatt were not stapped, but, George cudda been. Maybe here lies that alternate ending, check it out and see.
    KUDOS mDiD!

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