Let Me Die A Woman (1978) Doris Wishman

Let Me Die A Woman (1978) Doris Wishman
Genre: Mondo
Country: USA l  Director: Doris Wishman
Language: English l Subtitles: none
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 l Length: 79mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 608x352 - 700mb

A documentary on the work of sex-change specialist Dr.Leo Wollman, including interviews with Dr.Wollman and a few of his patients, with an illustrated lecture on the various aspects of transsexuality plus actual footage of a sex-change operation, which is what gives the film its notoriety.

First of all, anyone who watches ANYTHING directed by Doris Wishman has to expect to see bizarre camera angles, choppy film making, and bad acting...it comes with the territory and this film is no exception. That not with standing, this is probably one of the more superior Wishman films and it concerns a subject that, at the time, was considered taboo...transsexualism. Anyone who knows Wishman also knows that she is an exploitationeer so you have to expect a bit of sensationalism in Wishman's work as well. This film has that too as it is chock full of scenes and sexual anecdotes about the sexual lives of this "third sex". Yes, at the time of this film's release, transsexuals were actually considered to be a "third sex". The scene where the man gives himself his own sex change operation is exceptionally disturbing as is the scene where the transsexual has her vagina cave in on her. Yes, this film leaves no stone unturned as it explores every aspect of transsexualism including the female to male transsexuals. All in all it should be taken as an exceptionally classy exploitation film but NOT an educational tool.

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