Forgotten Pistolero (1969) Ferdinando Baldi

Forgotten Pistolero (1969) 
aka Il pistolero dell'Ave Maria
Genre: Western
Country: Italy | Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Language: English or Italian
(2 separate audio tracks) | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 80mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 1007x536 - 25fps - 1.37gb

In Ferdinando Baldi’s movie, Orestes is called Sebastian, and has become a young man living on his own. One day a wounded stranger called Rafael takes shelter in his house and tells him that he is an old friend and that Sebastian is the son of the Mexican general Carrasco, who was murdered years ago by his wife Anna and her lover Thomas when he came back from a military campaign. Sebastian was able to escape by the help of a servant, while his sister Isabella was later forced to marry a man she didn’t love and remained a virgin. Her true love was Rafael, who was chased and castrated (!) by the scum working for the murderous couple. Sebastian has no recollection of the massacre, but the tolling of the bells announcing the Ave Maria bring back fragmented memories, so he starts following Rafael in order to reconstruct his own past. After all these years Rafael is still persecuted by men who work for Anna and Thomas, and at several occasions Sebastian must save his life. Finally Sebastian is re-united with Isabella and together they avenge the murder of their father.

This Spaghetti western is an incredible hour and a half of cinema. The amazing music score pulls you in right away. It is beautiful and at the same time expresses a feeling of melancholy and impending doom. From the very beginning you know that the ending of this film is going to be one of those grandiose, emotional, over-the-top finales, and when you get there it doesn't disappoint.

This is a great revenge story that, in some ways, can be likened to a Shakespearian tragedy. It's a tale of a wealthy family in which marital deception, betrayal, and murder brings on guilt, misery, fear, and ultimately death and destruction. It's also a great action story with lots of gun play, suspense, and some twists and turns.

The movie is a quality production with decent acting, and most likely a higher than average budget for a eurowestern.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable film from start to finish. Ferdinando Baldi's great direction, Roberto Pregadio's awesome music score, a riveting story, and solid acting performances make this a film that no one should miss.

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