Kung Fu Cockfighter (1976) Mak Heung Wing

Kung Fu Cockfighter (1976)
Genre: Adult | Fantasy | Kung Fu
Country: HK | Director: Mak Heung Wing
Language: Chinese | Subtitles: English & Chinese (Hardcoded)
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 83mn
Vhsrip H264 Mp4 - 646x480 - 23.976fps - 1.07gb

Nutty X-rated porno/kung fu movie. You must see this one to believe it! Evil Duke Lee Chow uses a horny monk with a super-powered crank to test for virgins in a bloody hymen busting ritual. The monk is able to break boulders and do spinning push-ups with his crank! He meets his match in a super-virgin who can jam a long pole up her twat, snap off the end and shoot it across the room like a ping pong ball! Whe she spreads her legs a green light flashes from her crack and lightning strikes! In one disgusting scene a woman has her pussy roasted over an open fire and basted with spices…

"I have no idea what the actual title of this one is, or even exactly where it was made or when it was released, but I'm sure it's not KUNG FU COCKFIGHTER. That's the title they slapped on it in more recent times though so I guess I'll go with it.

Most kung fu movies don't even have any nudity in them but this one features hardcore sex scenes which makes it a real oddity for this genre. The story concerns a wizard guy who has super powers that make his cock able to deflect swords, break boulders and shoot smoke out of his dick. There's also his evil master who's a sex-crazy rapey sort of fellow and a lady who can break poles with her pussy and shoot out pieces of wood like bullets.

The film itself is packed with nudity, there's a torture scene where a gal gets here vag roasted and by the end it becomes a ghost movie.

Needless to say this is a real bizarre watch and despite the title there's not really all that much kung fu'ing that goes on but still worth a look for admirers of the weird and might be the only actual graphic Asian-made kung-fu-porn I've seen so far.

This is listed everywhere as having come out in 1976 but the musical cues seem to be taken from 80's films so this is probably wrong.
 Kung Fu Cockfighter (1976)

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  1. Unknown says:

    Looking up the director this movie appears to be a different cut of "Crazy Emperor (1993)."


    PLEASE re up Part 1.It doesn't download properly

    NLZ says:

    Hi, I just checked the files, they are fine, no problem.

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