Heaven and Hell (1980) Cheh Chang

Heaven and Hell (1980)
aka Shaolin Hellgate aka Di san lei da dou
Genre: Kung Fu | Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Musical | Horror
Country: Hong Kong | Director: Cheh Chang 
Language: Mandarin | Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1 | Length: 88mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 688x288 - 25fps - 697mb

The movie takes place in three different sections. The first part takes place in heaven. David Chiang plays a spirit who wants to return to the land of the living. Part two takes place on Earth with Alexander Fu and his bride Jenny Tsang. The final part takes place in hell as several spirits who were supposed to go to heaven accidentally wind up in hell. In order to leave they have to fight there way out. The spirits of the damned have to live out their sins and vices for the rest of their lives.

So you've got that urge to watch a good, old Shaw Bros. picture, but you can't make up your mind between a period kung-fu movie and a modern actioner... or maybe a fantasy thing ... or maybe a light love story. Well, if you don't mind a somewhat disjointed story told jarringly and a psychedelic edge to the cheesier-than-usual effects, then this movie might be for you. It's at least three movies -- one each involving heaven, earth and hell -- rolled (roughly) into one, with a musical interlude featuring Alexander Fu Sheng and his lovely wife Jenny. Certainly you don't have to settle on any one actor for this viewing selection, as just about everyone turns up in it -- though they're not always sure why. There are a couple of good action scenes and a couple of flashes of comedy, maybe even on purpose. The strangest thing about this film is that you kind of have to watch it through once you start because you're kind of enjoying it. So it's one of Chang Cheh's weirder contributions; it's still a Chang Cheh film!

Heaven and Hell (1980) was a strange film from director Chang Cheh and Shaw Brothers. Comedies and fantasies were becoming popular in Hong Kong. The straight forward kung-fu films were falling out of favor with the viewing public. So a time for change was needed at Shaw Brothers. Many of their productions were turning to more light hearted fare (Wong Jing was becoming a rising star as a film maker in the Shaw Brothers company). Chang Cheh released this weird hybrid film onto the public. Heaven and Hell!!
 Heaven and Hell (1980)

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