Turtle Vision (1991) Hisayasu Sato

Turtle Vision (1991)
aka Tôsatsu repooto: Insha!
Genre: Pinku | Horror | Softcore
Country: Japan | Director: Hisayasu Sato
Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 59mn
Vhsrip Xvid Avi - 640x352 - 23.976fps - 700mb

One of the most original, interesting and obscure Directors of Japanese “pink film” Hisayasu Sato in 1991 presented to the public for his next creation, the film “Turtle Vision”, the resulting output is very strange and specific performance, calling the audience’s interest is not so much its content as a sophisticated form, its overwhelming.

Not being a stranger to various artistic experiments in their own cinematic studies, Hisayasu Sato in the Report hidden camera” has entered on the path of pseudodocumentaries, placing a typical story pathology and mental illness in neotraditional the reality of being and accompanying public voyeurism. From the first scenes of the film, the audience literally on the heels follows the heroine, dressed in fetish uniforms, and then watching her at all Nude, sex with an abundance of deviant elements and these scenes, sex scenes, passing along a thin line of light erotica and hardcore, allow to understand the nature of the heroine to a greater extent than long-winded monologues, confession, and dialogs.

“Turtle Vision” – the film is essentially a one-man or, to be more precise, the actress Rei Takagi, which in a realistic and convincing tones played the role of Yue. The audience for a very brief time period has the opportunity to see the transformation of the heroine Rei Takagi from innocent schoolgirl in cold-blooded sexual maniac-a sociopath, which for most of their victims skillfully puts on a mask of innocence and stupidity, burdened by podygryvanii in fetish games. And men on the credulity of his succumbing to the will of the basic instinct to flock to it, and will have hot sex in a public place, and then the pain that replaced love, and blood, symbolic and metaphorical eclipsing her.

Actually, this picture is a kind of variation powalowski “Spying”, and the spectator in many moments of the film is such a visual maniac, whose greatest pleasure in life is embodied in bloody sex. Sato practically not inclined to the analysis of the inner world of her character; he only States the facts and shows her villainy, captured on hidden camera, and too fond of the visual form of the film, original camera work, Masisi Inyosi.

Shot in the warm blue color palette, neotraditional reality presented in the film, distorted curved mirrors; the characters seem to exist in some kind of underwater space, their faces distorted in a surreal grotesque grimaces, and the film with such a trivial approach is extremely dynamic and full of suspense. Among all the paintings of Hisayasu Sato “Report hidden camera” is the most open and the most strange his cinematographic basic morality which lies in the themes of sex and violence, retribution and revenge, as well as immersion in the dark corners of the human soul. Hisayasu Sato ruthless with the audience in visual explicitness, sharp and non-standard form, but the main thread of the narrative is a little different from most of the paintings pinku eiga:. However, all fans and admirers of this genre of Reportage hidden camera”, filmed in the style of mockumentary, and all lovers of vintage and rare film of the next experimental and extreme creation of Hisayasu Sato must necessarily be of interest to you.
 Turtle Vision (1991) 

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