The Gold Of Love (1983) Eckhart Schmidt

The Gold Of Love (1983)
aka Das Gold der Liebe
Genre: Horror
Country: West Germany | Director: Eckhart Schmidt
Language: German | Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 83mn
Vhsrip H264 Mkv - 720x540 - 29.970fps - 914mb

Germany’s Eckhart Schmidt’s little-seen follow-up to the fearsome DER FAN/TRANCE was this bizarre film, which offers a strikingly hallucinatory variant on many of that earlier film’s themes.

Eckhart Schmidt views THE GOLD OF LOVE (DAS GOLD DER LIEBE; 1983) as the middle film of a trilogy that began with the abovementioned DER FAN in 1982 and concluded with 1985’s LOFT. THE GOLD OF LOVE was the most low budget of the three films, with a reported 10 day--or, more accurately, night--shoot whose off-screen antics apparently mirrored those of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll-fuelled phantasmagoria that ended up onscreen. It starred Alexandra Curtis, who's best known as the daughter of Tony and sister of Jamie Lee.

The film’s obscurity is apparently due to unresolved music rights issues. To date THE GOLD OF LOVE’S sole appearance on home video was via a long out of print VHS release in its native Germany.

This film recalls celebrated surreal-fests like Peter Del Monte’s INVITATION AU VOYAGE, Juraj Herz’s PASSAGE and Stanley Kubrick’s EYES WIDE SHUT. None of those films were entirely successful, of course, and neither is this one. As with Eckhart Schmidt’s TRANCE, THE GOLD OF LOVE contains a thoughtful and evocative framework topped off by gore that’s extreme even by traditional splatter movie standards. The mix doesn’t work nearly as well as it did in the previous film, coming off here as gratuitous and overwrought. The proceedings, after all, don’t pass muster as suspense or even straightforward splatter. As an atmospheric exercise in dreamlike apprehension, however, the film excels.

The filmmaking here is highly deliberate, utilizing long takes and repetition to impart a dreamy and somnambulant atmosphere. Schmidt’s wizardly visual sense is instrumental in this sense, imparting a nocturnal wonderland illuminated by ever-present neon (if nothing else, this film is very much a product of the eighties) and spotlights. Indeed, THE GOLD OF LOVE contains some of the most effective uses of spotlighting ever seen in a film; it’s just such a light that introduces the heroine at the beginning, and which toward the end provides us with a striking panorama of early morning Vienna.

Beyond that this film works simply as a clear-eyed depiction of the darker reaches of the punk music world. The symbolism--such as the depiction of the D.A.F. band members as featureless skeletons--tends toward the ham-fisted, but the eye-popping netherworld of drugs and depravity offered up by Schmidt more than makes up for the film’s shortcomings.

Of course, how you respond to the score by outfits like D.A.F., Stosstrupp and Wanderlust, which all-but overflows the soundtrack, is strictly a matter of taste.
 The Gold Of Love (1983)

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