Wild in the Streets (1968) Barry Shear

Wild in the Streets (1968)
Genre: Psychedelic | Musical | Absurd | Horror | Dystopian
Country: USA | Director: Barry Shear
Language: English | Subtitles: English (idx/sub file)
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 96mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv - 1280x696 - 23.976fps - 3.27gb

Max Flatow is a precocious, social miscreant who has a way with home-made explosives. When he tires of these, he runs away from home only to emerge seven years later as Max Frost, the world's most popular entertainer. When Congressman John Fergus uses Frost as a political ploy to gain the youth vote in his run for the Senate, Frost wills himself into the system, gaining new rights for the young. Eventually, Frost runs for the presidency. Winning in a landslide, he issues his first presidential edict: All oldsters are required to live in "retirement homes" where they are forced to ingest LSD, taking the 60s catch phrase "Never trust anyone over 30" to its most extreme consequences. 

"Wild in the Streets" is aptly named since it is a very wild film, very unusual and original in premise. Christopher Jones, a James Dean lookalike, who sounds like Brando when he speaks, plays a charismatic rock singer in the late sixties. When they lower the voting age to fourteen, he gets elected President of the U.S. and puts everyone over the age of thirty in LSD concentration camps. Shelly Winter provides one of her extremely over the top performances as his mother. You must see the scene where she is interviewed by Pamela Mason -- it is a scream to watch and hilarious! Also, the soundtrack is wonderful and one of the songs "Shape of Things to Come" was on the hit parade and is a great rock tune. The opening of the film literally jumps out at you, filmed during a rock concert featuring Chris/Max Frost and his band the Troopers (Diane Varsi, Richard Pryor, Kevin Coughlin) who all also give give good performances in the film. The movie is highly recommended.
 Wild in the Streets (1968)

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  1. Thanks for the upgrade...BTW, AIP/Tower Records mainstay Davie Allan and The Arrows are the group behind the Troopers, if anyone's interested...
    Also, still hoping for Don't Knock The Twist, if you ever come across it...as always much appreciation for all the great stuff

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