This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971) Herschell Gordon Lewis

This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971)
Genre: Hixploitation
Country: USA | Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 98mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv - 960x720 - 23.976fps - 4.36gb

A backwoods Bible-quoting Foghorn Leghorn-ish con man who believes in free love and moon-shining runs into trouble with the locals when a series of gruesome religious murders are committed: a new bride is raped off-screen, a woman is stoned and two others are crucified.

For one of his final outings, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS decided to return to the trusted hillbilly themes which permeated some of his earlier calssicks like Two Thousand Maniacs! and Moonshine Mountain. No doubt this formula went down well in the South -- where much of Lewis' initial audience was located -- and it seems obvious that Herschell himself enjoyed working within this genre.

Combining two of the Deep South's favorite pastimes -- religious fanaticism and white lightnin' -- This Stuf'll Kill Ya! comes across like a demented episode of the Dukes of Hazzard with a few lashings of that trademark Lewis gore thrown in for good measure. Shot for the most part inside an abandoned UHF TV station in Oklahoma City, the film casts JEFFREY ALLEN (mayor of the Two Thousand Maniacs!) as Roscoe Boone, a preacher and moonshiner, who rules over his congregation of in-bred cretins with an iron hand. Right off the bat, we see that Roscoe has a different way of doing the Lord's work when a young bride-to-be is stripped naked and raped by a pack of men as part of her wedding ceremony!

But when Roscoe's moonshine operation is threatened by two federal agents (one played by TIM HOLT, fading star of The Magnificent Ambersons and Treasure of Sierra Madre), Roscoe retaliates by getting them stoned drunk at gunpoint, then taking compromising photos of them with several of the town's young girls. Although the ruse seems to work, tensions mount as a series of gruesome murders take place. A girl who complains about the treatment given to the agents is stoned to death while walking home at night (a genuinely creepy sequence), Boone's best moonshiner is killed in a fiery car crash, and two female tourists who stumble upon the illegal goings on are found crucified in the church yard. Worse, the federal agents convince the local liquor store to drive Roscoe out of business by selling legal white lightning and Preacher Boone understandably goes berserk...

Typical of Lewis, This Stuf'll Kill Ya! also features memorable dialogue -- "What do I gotta do to git a mink?" Roscoe's young paramour coos whilst sitting on his lap, "The same thin a minks gotta do to git a mink!" the old letch replies -- as well as a few of Lewis' unique Southern-Flavored songs (including "Love That White Lightnin'!" recycled from Moonshine Mountain), and welcome performance of oddball looking LARRY DRAKE, future star of L.A. Law, Darkman, and Dr. Giggles! Yeeeeee-haaaaaa!
 This Stuff'll Kill Ya! (1971)

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