The Meatrack (1970) Richard Stockton

The Meatrack (1970)
Genre: Drama | Sexploitation
Country: USA | Director: Richard Stockton
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 64mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 636x480 - 23.976fps - 906mb

 The sordid life of a young bisexual man "forced" into male prostitution.

Surly sadsack J.C. (dolefully portrayed by mopey, muscular slab of beefcake David Calder), a lonely, laconic, emotionally void bisexual drifter with a deep-seated dread of commitment, ekes out a meager existence sexually servicing both men and women alike. J.C. ambles into a major city and soon becomes the favorite boy toy of several desperate libidinous homosexuals. Things briefly perk up when J.C. befriends sassy, warm-hearted fellow itinerant Jean (the cute, ingratiating Donna Troy), but naturally hilariously contrived tragedy intervenes when two nasty, swishy and catty knife-wielding transvestites force J.C. and Jean to participate in an impromptu stag film (!) and J.C. just can't give up his body-pimping ways, which leads to a seriously depressing bummer ending.

Director/photographer Richard Stockton and screenwriter Joel Ensana lay on the slimy, seamy, sewer-level sensationalism by the trowel, appealing to the viewer's baser instincts with such always effective and absorbing nickel'n'dime trash flick reliables as harsh, grainy cinematography which alternates between washed-out color and stark black and white with an equal lack of polish, ample nudity (mostly male, with a light sprinkling of undraped distaff skin as well), raw'n'raunchy dialogue, a constantly bleak and nihilistic down-at-the-heals tone, numerous graphic and torrid carnal escapades, a spare, bluesy score, a resolutely rancid supporting cast of somewhat distressfully credible (and hideously homely) gutter-sniping scumballs, authentically seedy locations (rathole apartments, dingy low-rent theaters, tawdry magazine newsstands and adult bookstores, grimy gay bathhouses), and, most importantly, deliciously overripe melodramatic kitchen sink-style plotting (J.C.'s dismal lot in life is explained in a series of lovably rinky-dink soft-focus flashbacks by his miserable childhood and the gross mistreatment he endured from his shrill, pettish mother and adulterous sleazoid father).

Grim, grubby, and wholly lacking in any wholesome, respectable and redeemable attributes (rampant amorality is an often surefire sign of superior schlock), "The Meatrack" overall rates highly as a perfectly putrid little winner. 
The Meatrack (1970)

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