Convicts Women (1973) John Hayes

Convicts Women (1973)
aka Bust Out
Genre: Thriller | Softcore
Country: USA | Director: John Hayes
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 75mn + 43mn Exploitation Trailers
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 704x528 - 29.970fps - 1.81gb

Brown is a devout religious man who brings his Catholic high school students on a picnic. A couple of men have just escaped from a local prison and it does not take long for them to meet up with the high school girls. Their hunger for female flesh soon becomes uncontrollable so they take Brown and his students prisoners and they all hole up in a deserted ghost town.

You know the world is spinning out of control when none other than CANDY SAMPLES herself plays a Sunday school teacher (!?!) chaperoning RENE BOND and a bevy of "high school" beauties (ANGELA CARNON, LYNN HARRIS, and BECKY SHARPE) on a trip to the countryside for their senior class picnic in Convicts Women (a.k.a. Bust Out), a HARRY NOVAK smut classic from the seventies.

The God-fearing, Bible-quoting Miss Samples and her fellow teacher, Tom, are along to see that the girls "have a good time...but in a Christian manner."  Fat chance, right? Also in the country, at the same time as the picnickers, are two escaped convicts, Zach and his buddy, Buddy (RIC LUTZE).

Chaperone Tom wants the girls to have a discussion on "the role of he true Christian in today's world." Convict Buddy wants "a nice piece of ass, warm tender and juicy."  Here, neatly expressed by the principles themselves is a concise statement of the central conflict.  The rest is resolution.  Or to be more precise, the rest is fucking, sucking, rape, torture, and humiliation.  It's almost Biblical.

Things go awry almost from the start as Miss Bond sneaks off to meet her beer-swilling boyfriend for some hot hanky-panky in the wilderness, while her classmates remain back at the picnic blanket bored to distraction by the priggish chaperones.  Things go even more awry when the convicts, posing as field geologists (!?!), stumble onto the picnickers and hair-brained Buddy comes up with a plan that involves kidnapping, $100,000 in ransom, dynamite, and a plane to Cuba.  Which, of course, translates as fucking, sucking, rape, torture, and humiliation.

Of course, what nobody counts on is Miss Bond's beer-swilling boyfriend tracking the convicts through the wilderness and surprising them in the mining shack where they're holed up with the picnickers. Mercifully, we're spared the carnage by a jump cut.

Just as mercifully, we're not spared any of the humping, bumping, rape, torture, and humiliation.  It actually turns out to be pretty good picnic after all.
Convicts Women (1973)

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