Teenage Mother (1967) Jerry Gross

Teenage Mother (1967)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA | Director: Jerry Gross
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 69mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x352 - 23.976fps - 1022mb

Insanely cute teenage hottie Arlene Taylor (an appealing portrayal by the adorable Arlene Sue Farber, who went on to play Tony Lo Bianco's girlfriend in "The French Connection") lies to her nice clean-cut boyfriend Tony Michaels (affable Howard Le May) that she's pregnant in order to get Tony to marry her. Meanwhile, cocky and antagonistic pot dealer bully Duke Markell (an uproariously histrionic performance by Frederick Ricco) plans to rape bold and progressive new Swedish sex education teacher Erika Petersen (fetching Julie Enge).

Boy, does this choice chunk of drive-in detritus really soak up the whole get-down hip 60's youth scene: we've got kids smoking grass and making out in parked cars, a little rough'n'tumble fisticuffs, a swingin' groovy score by Steve Karmen, and a simply spectacular nightclub sequence complete with go-go dancer, a cool garage rock band called the Young Set, and kids doing the frug with joyful abandon (Farber in particular busts some sweet moves while wearing a dynamite clingy purple dress).

Moreover, this flick possesses all the right wrong stuff to rate as a highly entertaining schlockfest: flat direction by legendary East Coast exploitation movie distributor Jerry Gross (who also co-wrote the lurid script and makes a cameo appearance as a truck driver), a plodding pace, thirtysomething-ish year old actors playing adolescents, rough, scratchy cinematography (the occasional fade-outs are extremely primitive), a clunkily sincere tone, and plenty of gut-busting lousy acting (Ricco cops the top thespic dishonors with his annoying hyena-like laugh and ridiculously hammy twitchy mannerisms). A very young and then unknown Fred Willard pops up as the amiable gym coach and New York sleaze flick perennial Alex Mann has a small part as a member of Duke's gang.

Best of all, the picture concludes with a hideously explicit and revolting clip of a woman giving birth to a baby that's supposed to somehow be tasteful and acceptable because it's being shown for the sake of enlightenment.

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