Censored (1965) Barry Mahon

Censored (1965)
Genre: "Documentary" | Erotic
Country: USA | Director: Barry Mahon
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 63mn
Vhsrip H264 Mkv - 720x550 - 29.970fps - 928mb

BARRY MAHON had a brilliant idea: assemble a compilation of “adults only” scenes that were cut from films because they ran into censorship problems in the sixties. Except for one little detail. Barry didn’t have any censored scenes. And besides, any such compilation would’ve obviously been completely illegal. No problem. Barry simply faked the whole thing!

Lecturer SID BERRY, a cross between a high school principal and a back alley abortionist, warns us up front: “If any of you in the audience feel that the material you are about to see will be more shocking than you expected or will, perhaps, leave you morally disturbed, please feel free to leave the theater now!”

He then guides us through random nudist camp scenes, gals posing for artists, gals posing for photographers, and lots and lots of naked breasts.

But the film takes a weird detour into Sexy Shocker territory when, in the midst of all this titty, a guy drags JUDY ADLER into a basement and, for no particular reason, bloodlessly saws off her leg with a hacksaw, then throws the limb into a blazing furnace -- all scored with spooky xylophone music!

“Slavery or bondage is a mild form of sadism!” says Sid before another gal is tossed into what looks like a houseboat where a second babe is tied-up naked and struggling on a bed. Then a black guy with a switchblade enters a Ladies Room and a white gal runs out screaming.

A guy crawls through a window and attacks a woman who accidentally hits her head on an overhead light fixture. And a guy puts the moves on a gal watching TV. She ain’t interested so he screams, “I hate television!” and leaps atop her.

Sickest of all, however, is a Nazi bitch, babbling away in German, who calmly heats a poker iron with a blow torch and applies it to the belly and breasts of a naked woman tied up in front of her. Censored, in fact, may have the dubious honor of being the very first skinflick to mix Nazis and naked women. How special.

According to Mr. Mahon, the Baltimore censor did, in fact, want to ban the film in 1965: “They said, ‘You’re claiming we already censored this but we didn’t because you shot it!’ And I said, ‘Well, you would’ve censored it! You’re doing it right now!’ So we won the case.”
 Censored (1965)

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