Five Element Ninja (1982) Cheh Chang

 Five Element Ninja (1982) 
aka Ren zhe wu di aka Super Ninjas
Genre: Action | Kung Fu
Country: Hong Kong | Director: Cheh Chang
Language: Mandarin or English (2 separate audio tracks)
Subtitles: English (Optional, embedded in Mkv file)
Aspect ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1 | Length: 108mn
Bdrip H264 Mkv - 1280x534 - 23.976fps - 4.15gb

A young martial artist seeks revenge on the Ninja who kills his martial arts brothers and teacher. He finds help in the form of a new teacher (who knows Ninjitsu) and new brothers. Together the four pupils face the Five Element Ninja challenge: Wood, Earth, Gold, Water, and Fire.

Super Ninjas along with The Kid with the Golden Arms, 5 Deadly Venoms, Mortal Combat and Unbeatable Dragon are in my estimation the best of Chang Cheh's movies. Super Ninjas is arguably the best.This movie is absolutely a must see if you like Kung Fu movies. This movie features breathtaking choreography from Chang Cheh and a good plot. After defeating the Japanese in a duel the Chinese accept a invitation to take on the "Five Element Ninjas" (Gold,Fire,Water,Wood,Land) and initially are no match due to the fact that all fighters are gruesomely killed. The Japanese then place a secret agent, a female named Sungi to infiltrate the Chinese headquarters; though suspected by one of the remaining Chinese fighters, she is successful in gaining a detailed mapping of Chinese headquarters. The Japanese then raid headquarters and are able to kill the head master along with Lo Mang (Toad). Lo Mang desperately fights to save himself and his master but comes up short due to a devious plot by the Japenese infiltrator Sungi. Another Chinese fighter is captured and tied by rope but manages to escape due to being taught some Ninja by a master long ago. He returns to this master and completes his schooling to master "the ways of the Ninja". Not to ever be forgotten is the Head Ninja, who has to be one of the best villains ever in a Shaw Brother film. Ninja tactics and techniques are displayed in fine detail here. Ninjas have steel claws in their feet, come out of the ground and fly through the air.

All the elements that you look for in a superb Kung Fu movie is here, breathtaking stuntsmanship and gore galore. Without a doubt there are many scenes that you won't forget; examples, one fighter tripping over his own spilling guts, the head Ninja being dismembered at the ending fight, the rock exploding as the Chinese smash through to signal the defeat of the Ninja, the old Ninja master telling the student to "always keep this key, it just might come in handy" and indeed it did, the Samurai fighter saying "loss of a fight means loss of one's life to a Samurai", what about when the Ninja teacher tells his students that Ninjas have "many secret fatal skills". Unforgettable film.

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