Tales of the Unexpected (1979–1988)

Tales of the Unexpected (1979–1988) 
Complete Series
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Country: UK | Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: Approx. 24mn per Episode
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A British anthology series featuring tales of horror, mystery and suspense. Most episodes featured a twist ending, and many of them were based on short stories by well-known writer Roald Dahl, who also served as the show's host during its first two seasons. 

Tales of the Unexpected Season 1

1 - 1x01 - Man From the South
First aired: Mar/24/1979
Director: Michael Tuchner
Guest star: Angela Malcolm (Maid), Michael Ontkean (Tommy), Katy Jurado (Woman), Cyril Luckham (Rawlsden), José Ferrer (Carlos), Pamela Stephenson (Cathy)

A man and a boy make a bet. The man says to the boy "I bet you can't light your american lighter 10 times in a row." The man puts up a fine Jaguar automobile and the boy protests - he is not wealthy, and cannot match such a rich stake. But the man suggests a stake of comparable value that he will accept. It's a little thing that the boy can surely do without...

2 - 1x02 - Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat
First aired: Mar/31/1979
Director: Simon Langton
Guest star: Vass Anderson (Huntsman), Sandra Payne (Miss Pulteney), Julie Harris (Mrs. Bixby), Michael Hordern (Cyril Bixby), Richard Hampton (Patient), Alan Chuntz ( Taxi Driver), Frederick Farley (Frederick Farley), Richard Greene (The Colonel), Will Leighton (Seamus)

Mrs Bixby is married to a dentist and every 3 months she goes to see her poor sick Auntie Maud. She doesn't actually have an Auntie Maud - it's a cover for visits to her lover. When he must end the affair he gives her a very nice mink coat. But how can she get the coat past her husband, who will certainly know that "Auntie Maud" is too poor to afford such a gift?

3 - 1x03 - William and Mary
First aired: Apr/07/1979
Director: Donald McWhinnie
Guest star: Elaine Stritch (Mary Pearl), Jane Paton (Nurse), Richard Hampton (Baxter), Marius Goring (Dr. Landy), Frederick Farley (Baxter), Jimmy Mac (William Pearl)

William Pearl, a strict authoritarian, passes away. His lawyer approaches his widow with a letter that requires her to make an appointment to see a Doctor Landy. She keeps the appointment, only to discover that perhaps death is not the end. And that for some, having a thing is less enjoyable than wanting it, but for others, it is very enjoyable indeed.

4 - 1x04 - Lamb to the Slaughter
First aired: Apr/14/1979
Director: John Davies
Guest star: Andrew Fell (Uniformed Constable), Susan George (Mary Marney), Brian Blessed (Detective Sgt. Jack Nolan), David English (Plain Clothes Officer), Hugh Cross (Police Doctor), George Little (Mr. Samuel), Mark Jones (Detective Sgt. Jameson), Michael Byrne (Patrick Marney)

Mary Marney returns home from shopping for a few groceries, and discovers the body of her husband laying on the floor in their home. He has been bludgeoned to death! Because he was a policeman, she knows who to call, and several of his friends come to investigate. To find the murderer, they conclude, they must discover the weapon. But a search of the house reveals nothing - evidently, the murder has a leg up on law enforcement...

5 - 1x05 - The Landlady
First aired: Apr/21/1979
Director: Herbert Wise
Guest star: Jess Davies (Temple), John Bryant (Mulholland), Siobhan McKenna ( The Landlady), Anthony Dawes (Clergyman), Leonard Preston (Billy Weaver)

A young insurance salesman arrives in Barth, a new posting where he'll collect "invaluable experience." He needs a place to stay, and as the local inn is full, he chooses a bed & breakfast run by a kindly old lady in her home. She's very nice, offering reasonable terms and a sip of hot tea on a cold day. But there is something about the names of her previous guests that the man cannot quite recall... something important... And there is the woman's unusual hobby...

6 - 1x06 - Neck
First aired: Apr/28/1979
Director: Christopher Miles
Guest star: John Gielgud (Jelks), Paul Herzberg (John Bannister), Joan Collins (Natalia Turton), Carmen Silvera (Carmen La Rosa), Peter Bowles (Major Haddock), Michael Aldridge (Sir Basil Turton)

Natalia runs her husband Basil's inherited publishing empire the same way she runs his house - with an iron fist. Poor Sir Basil merely wishes to collect and enjoy his art, including several abstract pieces. Natalia also has an eye for young men, and only the interference of Jelks, their butler, frustrates her ambitions in this regard. So when she gets her head stuck in one of her husband's art pieces, and he is faced with the task of removing it, it is perhaps understandable that he has trouble deciding precisely how to use the axe...

7 - 1x07 - Edward the Conqueror
First aired: May/05/1979
Director: Rodney Bennett
Guest star: Wendy Hiller ( Louisa), Joseph Cotten (Edward), Phil Brown (F. Milton Willis)

Edward dislikes the cat that his wife Louisa has mysteriously adopted. He also dislikes her interest in what he regards as superstition. So when Louisa becomes convinced that her new pet contains the reincarnated soul of composer Franz Liszt, Edward is less than enthusiastic. Nevertheless, he wouldn't harm the animal. Or would he? Louisa fears the worst when Edward returns from the rubbish fire pit, covered with scratches...

8 - 1x08 - A Dip in the Pool
First aired: May/12/1979
Director: Michael Tuchner
Guest star: Jack Weston (William Botibol), Gladys Spencer (Sylvia), Don Fellows (Renshaw), Davyd Harries (Purser), Jana Sheldon (Mrs. Renshaw (as Jana Shelden)), Michael Troughton (Steward), David Healy (Auctioneer), Paula Tilbrook (Maggie), Bill Reimbold (Bidder), Elaine Ives-Cameron (Woman Bidder (as Elaine Ives Cameron)), Ken Buckle (Sailor)

William Botibol, a passenger on an ocean cruise, decides on a scheme to make himself some money. Each night, the captain estimates the ship's progress, and the numbers 'round that are auctioned. The winner collects the pot. As the ship has encountered rough seas, Botibol decides to purchase the "low field" - a wager that the ship will make poor progress - and he spends his last $1000 on this. So when the seas clear just a little too soon, Botibol realizes he is broke - unless he can delay the ship for just long enough to win. The method he chooses suggests, perhaps, the desperation of a gambler with his back up against the wall.

9 - 1x09 - The Way Up to Heaven
First aired: May/19/1979
Director: Simon Langton
Guest star: Julie Harris (Mrs. Foster), Ronald Culver (Mr. Foster), Angus MacKay (Walker), Jeremy Longhurst (Driver), Anthony Bailey (Arthur), Julia Watson (Maid), Brian Capron (Airport Official), Dulcie Huston (Airline Hostess)

Mrs. Foster cannot abide being late, for anything. Mr. Foster, on the other hand, takes a much more relaxed view - even if the face of his long suffering wife's increasing agitation, he cannot be rushed. She is off to visit friends in America, while he will spend those six weeks living at his club. As the clock ticks past the point where the driver can no longer assure the upset woman that he'll get her to Heathrow on time, Mr. Foster has just one more thing to do inside. Mrs. Foster, pushed past endurance, orders the driver away - and at the very time when Mr. Foster needed a lift...

Tales of the Unexpected Season 2

10 - 2x01 - Royal Jelly
First aired: Mar/01/1980
Director: Herbert Wise
Guest star: Susan George (Mabel Taylor), Timothy West (Albert Taylor), Andrew Ray (Percy Hayward)

After nine years, Mabel and Albert have finally managed to have a child - but the child won't eat and Mabel is desperate. So desperate that she fights with her husband and won't even come to watch him discuss his beekeeping on a local television show. But Albert watches himself, and when he does he realizes something. Soon little Victoria is putting on weight and eating well - because Albert is supplementing her food with his own special concoction. Mabel has finally got what she wants, a healthy baby, but she may still be sorry.

11 - 2x02 - SkinFirst aired: Mar/08/1980
Director: Herbert Wise
Guest star: Derek Jacobi (Drioli), Lucy Gutteridge (Josie), Boris Isarov (Soutine), Donald Pickering (Gallery Owner), Teris Hebrew (Dealer)

Years earlier, Drioli knew a Russian painter named Soutine. On a whim, he had Soutine paint a portait of his wife Josie on his back, and then taught the artist his own specialty, tattooing. Using that new skill, Soutine tattooed over his painting, preserving the art for all time. Time passes, and Drioli has fallen on back luck. His wife died during the war and no one seems to want tattoos any longer. Now a vagrant living from garbage cans, Drioli realizes what he has when he sees an exhibition of Soutine's work in a gallery. Revealing his tattoo, he faces a choice between a man who will pay him a small fortune to have the skin removed from his back, and another man who will treat him to a life of luxury at a hotel, where all he'll have to do is wear bathing trunks so that guests may view a "living work of art." His choice seems clear, but is it?

12 - 2x03 - Galloping Foxley
First aired: Mar/15/1980
Director: Claude Whatham
Guest star: John Mills (William Perkins), Anthony Steel (The Stranger), Paul Spurrier (Young William), Jonathan Scott-Taylor (Young Foxley (as Jonathan Scott Taylor)), Anthony Woodruff (Housemaster), Colin Thomas (City Gent), Guy Humphries (Stamford), Clifford Abrahams (Schoolboy), Adrian Breeze (Schoolboy), Timothy Breeze (Schoolboy), Wayne Brooks (Schoolboy)

When William Perkins entered school as a new boy, an older student named Galloping Foxley took a particular dislike to him, and made his life miserable for nearly a year. Decades later, now a businessman making a daily train commute, Perkins finds his usual place in the compartment displaced by a stranger - and then comes to believe the stranger is his long ago tormentor Foxley! Does he expose the bounder, or keep what he knows to himself? How he decides may affect his own future as well as that of the stranger.

13 - 2x04 - The Hitch-hiker
First aired: Mar/22/1980
Director: Alastair Reid
Guest star: Cyril Cusack (Michael Fish), Rod Taylor (Paul Duveen), John Forgeham (Police Officer)

Writer Paul Duveen decides on a whim to collect a hitchhiker named Fish, a man on the way to the Darby, where he claims he'll be hard at work. But he won't explain to Duveen just what he does, and indeed takes offense at Duveen's guessing. Eventually, he eggs Duveen into testing the speed of his fancy new automobile, costing him a ticket and perhaps his license. Only then does Fish reveal what he does for a living, causing Duveen to at first order him out of the car - and then become quite grateful to him. For awhile...

14 - 2x05 - Poison
First aired: Mar/29/1980
Director: Graham Evans
Guest star: Andrew Ray (Harry), Saeed Jaffrey (Doctor Kunzru), Judy Geeson (Sandra), Anthony Steel ('Timber')

Reading in bed, reformed alcoholic Harry becomes aware of movement - and realizes he now shares his bed with a deadly krait! If he moves too much, the snake will strike, and this is certain death. Fortunately, his friend 'Timber' returns him. Unfortunately, 'Timber' has brought a girl with him who has sex on her mind. 'Timber' calls the doctor, who devises a scheme to deal with the snake - and when they remove the sheets the reptile is gone! Was the snake there? Or has Harry fallen off the wagon? And if he hasn't, then where is the snake?

15 - 2x06 - Fat Chance
First aired: Apr/05/1980
Guest star: John Castle (John Burge), Sheila Gish (Frances), Miriam Margolyes (Mary Burge), Geoffrey Bayldon (Dr. Applegate), Anthony Roye (James), Peter Van Dissel (Derek), Katie Flower (Annie), Jean Kitson (Mavis), Nigel Caliburn (Stage Manager), Michael Quinto (Person in Dressing Room), Carol Thornton (Person in Dressing Room)

Chemist John Burge has become disenchanted with his wife Mary, who has gained a great deal of weight because she is a compulsive eater. He has taken a lover named Frances, and things are coming to a head: she has demanded that he leave his wife for her. Since Frances is also friends with Mary, she finds out that Mary would not simply allow John to divorce her; she'd soak him for every dollar the court would give her. Burge has a doctor on a string: Doctor Applegate is addicted to painkillers the chemist provides. Perhaps the doctor can help her - or perhaps he can help Burge, should Burge elect to solve his problems another way...

16 - 2x07 - Taste
First aired: Apr/12/1980
Director: Alastair Reid
Guest star: Ron Moody (Richard Pratt), Antony Carrick (Mike Schofield), Mercia Glossop (Sybil Schofield), Debbie Farrington (Louise Schofield), Beth Porter (Joanna Bligh), William Hootkins (Peter Blight), Gabrielle Blunt (Mrs. Adams), Graham Bell (TV Presenter)

Richard Pratt is an expert wine taster. With a gentle inhalation and a small swallow he can tell where a wine was produced, sometimes even the winery that produced it. Every so often, he visits his friends the Schofields for dinner and a friendly bet: a case of wine rides on whether Mike Schofield can fool Pratt's thoroughly educated palette. This visit, Pratt proposes a more ambitious wager: his pair of homes against the hand of Schofield's young daughter in marriage! Schofield accepts over his daughter's protestations, certain he has selected a wine that can fool even the master. But Pratt has never lost to Schofield yet...

17 - 2x08 - My Lady Love, My Dove
First aired: Apr/19/1980
Director: Herbert Wise
Guest star: Elaine Stritch (Pamela), Shane Rimmer (Arthur), Lisa Eichhorn (Sally), Doug Lambert (Henry)

Pamela Beauchamp is a rich woman who married a poor man, Arthur Beauchamp, whom she browbeats. They have invited a couple to visit them for a weekend, to play bridge and socialize. Pamela concludes that she needs more excitement in her life, and she's hit upon an idea: she'll have Arthur bug their guests room! After a short argument she persuades him to do the job, and later, pleads exhaustion as a way to move from bridge to the eavesdropping that has her really excited. But what she learns about her guests will change her opinion of them, and perhaps her own life.

18 - 2x09 - Georgy Porgy
First aired: Apr/26/1980
Director: Graham Evans
Guest star: Joan Collins (Clare Duckworth / Julia Roach), John Alderton (Rev. George Duckworth), Lally Bowers (Miss Elphinstone), Margaretta Scott (Lady Birdwell), Ann Beach (Miss Unwin), Jacob Witkin (Boris Duckworth), Grant Bardsley (George as a child), John Biggerstaff (Mr. Pollard), Peter Godfrey (Doctor)

Julia Roach sets her sights on Reverend George Duckworth, but the clergyman is unprepared for her advances. In fact, he's far more than unprepared for them, he's absolutely terrified of them. Why? Well, that goes back to his childhood. Julia may just discover that she has unbottled a genie that cannot be rebottled easily, when she coaxes those long buried memories back to the surface and "Georgie Porgie" reacts badly to them...

19 - 2x10 - Depart in Peace
First aired: May/03/1980
Director: Alan Gibson
Guest star: Joseph Cotten (Lionel), Gloria Grahame (Gladys), Maureen O'Brien (Janet), John Bennett (Royden), Peter Cellier (Wilkins)

Art buff Lionel has a pretty young girlfriend Janet, but jealous Gladys plants seeds of discontent in his mind, hoping to spoil their relationship so that he can have her for himself. He discoveres Royden, who paints only women and uses an unusual technique: he paints them nude, and then adds their underwear, and only at the very end adds their outer clothing. Lionel hires Royden to paint his girlfriend - and then removes the top layer of paint to reveal her in her underwear. When he debuts this painting, Janet is unenthusiastic, and expresses her dismay in a way that is impossible to ignore...

20 - 2x11 - The Umbrella Man
First aired: May/10/1980
Director: Claude Whatham
Guest star: John Mills (The Man), John Carson (Arthur), Michael Gambon (Andrew), Jennifer Hilary (Wendy), John Rees (Clerk), Michael Sheard (Inspector)

In town, Wendy meets a smooth-talking man who carelessly forgot to bring his wallet. He offers to sell her an umbrella worth £20 for taxi fare home, a mere £5. At first she hesitates, but his insight and soothing comments win her over. Later, she sees the same man with an umbrella and another woman, and follows him to learn that he steals umbrellas and sells them! When she meets her husband Arthur that night with a new umbrella, and their friend Andrew does not have his, Arthur jumps to conclusions. Wendy can forestall marital disaster only by identifying the man who sold her the umbrella. But will she?

21 - 2x12 - Genesis and Catastrophe
First aired: May/17/1980
Director: Herbert Wise
Guest star: Helmut Griem (Alois), Zhivila Roche (Klara), Hana Maria Pravda (Frau Lemner), Alastair Llewellyn (Doctor), Graham Seed (Josef), Toby Waldock (Young Alois)

In late nineteeth century Austria, customs official Alois and his wife Klara are expecting another child. Alois drinks a little much and seems devoted to his duties, so devoted he will not leave to be with his wife on her childbirth bed. But the truth may be that he is afraid. Three previous children have died young, and Klara has suffered three miscarriages. FInally, he arrives him shortly after she has given birth and there sees to his horror that this child is even smaller and weaker than those who did not live. But this child will live, and that may be the greatest tragedy of all...

22 - 2x13 - Mr Botibol's First Love
First aired: May/24/1980
Director: John Gorrie
Guest star: Jack Weston (William Botibol), Anna Massey (Irene Wrzaszcyzk), Alan Rowe (Mr. Clements), Paul Bacon (Mason), Paul Greenhalgh (Simpson), Allan Corduner (Store Assistant)

A tale from an earlier point in Mr. Botibol's life. He sells his business for £200,000, a fortune enough to keep him comfortable - except that he has never succeeded at anything. When he notes how many composers had names that begin with 'B' he daydreams about being one of them himself, eventually adding a music hall to his home. In a music store, while acquiring tapes to which he may conduct an imaginary orchestra, he meets Irene Wrzaszcyzk, also a music lover. They hit it off and eventually Botibol conducts Irene on piano. But then he learns something about her that destroys his happiness...

23 - 2x14 - Back for Christmas
First aired: May/31/1980
Director: Giles Foster
Guest star: Richard Johnson (James), Siân Phillips (Hermione), Andrew Lebas (Waiter), Avril Elgar (Nancy), Artro Morris (Tom), Cyril Luckham (Gavin), Lynne Ross (Samantha), Mark Kenyon (Sebastian), Margaret Ainley (Party Guest), Annette Collins (Party Guest), Christine Cracknell (Party Guest), Angela Evans (Party Guest), Ronald Fairbrother (Party Guest), Jack Gilvey (Party Guest), Bryan Matheson (Party Guest), Henry Palmer (Party Guest), Mary Tovey (Party Guest)

James is a leading British physician - so skilled that he has been invited to tour America for nine months. This gives him an opportunity to rid himself of his wife Hermione. He has the murder planned to the smallest detail. But then, on tour, he receives a package intended for his wife, forwarded past several cities. What it contains will shake his world down to the foundations...

24 - 2x15 - The Orderly World of Mr Appleby
First aired: Jun/07/1980
Director: John Gorrie
Guest star: Robert Lang (Arthur), Elizabeth Spriggs (Martha), Cyril Luckham (Mr. Gainsborough), Christopher Bramwell (Dominic), Nigel Caliburn (Signwriter)

Mr. Arthur Appleby owns an antique and pawnshop, but his trouble is that he doesn't like to actually sell - only to buy. This has driven him near bankruptcy several times, and each time he has solved the problem by murdering his wife and moving on. A chance encounter with a customer, Martha, may have his sights set on wife number four. But Martha may just have plans of her own for Mr. Arthur Appleby, for he reminds her of someone...

25 - 2x16 - The Man at the Top
First aired: Jun/14/1980
Director: Claude Whatham
Guest star: Peter Firth (Hardy), Rachel Davies (Diane), Cassie McFarlane (Estelle), John Rees (Barman), Johnny Shannon (Gambler), Betty Hardy (Motherly Woman), Mimi Debraie (Maria), Paul McDowell (Schaeffer), Brian Dooley (Lawyer), Rex Taylor (Doorman), Michael Ripper (Taxi Driver), Dallas Cavell (Sam Madrid), Terry Gurry (Bodyguard)

Hardy is a down on his luck sailor with no prospects. Driven to desperation and unwilling to take money his girlfriend earned as a prostitute, he knifes a victim to death in the street, but that man has no money and the police soon discover the body. The only way he can escape London is by finding the mysterious Sam Madrid, who runs the smuggling rackets, and who might be able to find him a ship.

Tales of the Unexpected Season 3

26 - 3x01 - The Flypaper
First aired: Aug/09/1980
Guest star: Anthony Smee (Vicar), Giles Phibbs (Bus Conductor), Stephanie Cole (Miss Harrison)

A young girl has been murdered and another lass finds herself being tailed by a creepy middle-aged man.

Does she really have anything to fear, or is it all in her imagination?

27 - 3x02 - A Picture of a Place
First aired: Aug/16/1980

28 - 3x03 - Proof of Guilt
First aired: Aug/23/1980
Guest star: Jeremy Clyde (George Stamford), Roy Marsden (Chief Insp. Walters)

29 - 3x04 - Vengeance is Mine Inc.
First aired: Aug/30/1980
Guest star: Stephen Boswell (Doorman), James Greene (Garage Attendant), Mary Cornford (Theresa Burton), Robert Mill (Brewster), Julian Fellowes (George), Terry Walsh (Bouncer), Betsy Blair (Mrs. Wilbur), Bosco Hogan (Tom), Virginia Clay (Luky), Fiesta Mei Ling (Suky), Morris Barry (Wilbur)

Tom and George are two down on their luck actors who decide to offer a service to the victims of gossip columnists.

Revenge turns out to be a double edged sword.

30 - 3x05 - A Girl Can't Always Have Everything
First aired: Nov/09/1980
Guest star: Pauline Collins (Pat Lewis), Peter Tuddenham (Vicar), Brewster Mason (Herbert Millette), James Faulkner (Patrick), Joan Collins (Suzy Starr)

Stage actress Suzy Starr is out to milk her new admirer of everything that she can get, and she flaunts the gifts which he showers upon her to her increasingly jealous friend Pat.

Can Pat be trusted to assist Suzy as her affair becomes more complicated?

31 - 3x06 - Parson's Pleasure
First aired: Nov/30/1980
Guest star: Roger Milner (Mr. Hawkins), Irlin Hall (County Lady), Godfrey James (Claud), John Gielgud (Cyril Boggis)

An antique dealer poses as a parson in order to procure precious pieces of the past for a pittance, while pocketing the profits.

How long can his luck hold out before he puts one over on the wrong person?

32 - 3x07 - The Stinker
First aired: Dec/07/1980
Guest star: Joss Ackland (Malcolm Harper), Denholm Elliott (Colonel/Robert Tinker)

When he was at school Robert Tinker's life had been ruined by his fellow student Harper nicknaming him 'Stinker'.

When the two run into one another as adults Harper offers Tinker a job as an accountant, an offer which Tinker accepts. When it looks as though Harper is taking too strong an interest in Tinker's wife, however, things take a drastic turn for the worse.

33 - 3x08 - I'll be Seeing You
First aired: Dec/14/1980
Guest star: Hilary Tindall (Vivian Trent), Anthony Valentine (Roland Trent), Amanda Redman (Anna)

Roland Trent is unhappily married to Vivien Trent. The couple are not suited, and when Roland meets Anna, a young woman who is going blind, he asks Vivien for a divorce.

Vivien refuses, telling Roland that she will ruin him financially if he leaves her. There is an expensive operation available which would cure Anna's blindness and Roland decides that she must have it. But what is he to do about Vivien?

34 - 3x09 - The Party
First aired: Dec/19/1980
Guest star: Robert Morley (Henry Knox), Amanda Redman (Pat), Joyce Redman (Linda)

Tales of the Unexpected Season 4

35 - 4x01 - Would you Believe it?
First aired: Apr/05/1981
Guest star: Vic Tablian (Arab Officer), Tony Alleff (Hassin), Nigel Havers (Miller), Richard Johnson (Tanner), Christopher Blake (Israeli Officer)

36 - 4x02 - Vicious Circle
First aired: Apr/12/1981
Guest star: Kenneth Hadley (Plainclothes Policeman), Forbes Collins (Policeman), Patrick Field (Reg Tobin), Siobhan McKenna (Mrs. Grady), Graham Weston (Police Superintendent), Lesley Goldie (Mrs. Jackson)

An elderly lady catches a young man breaking into her flat. In the ensuing flight, the robber hurts his ankle and the elderly lady bandages it for him and attempts to befriend him. But what is she really up to?

37 - 4x03 - The Boy Who Talked with Animals
First aired: Apr/19/1981
Guest star: Jeffrey Gardiner (Guest), Astley Harvey (John), John Wyman (Guest), Mel Taylor (Fisherman), Oscar James (Fisherman), Paul Spurrier (David), William Hootkins (Harry Chester), Stuart Whitman (Sam Jenner), Robert Arden (Berners), David Buck (Father), Alison Coleridge (Mildred), Geoffrey Cousins (Guest), Amanda Kemp (Guest), John Nettleton (Hotel Manager), Vivien Heilbron (Mother), Tony Osoba (Police Officer)

David is a young boy with a way with animals. When a large sea turtle is caught by fishermen, David is so distraught that his father pays the fishermen to let it go.

The following morning both David and the turtle have gone missing and there are some very strange reports from the local fishermen.

38 - 4x04 - The Best of Everything
First aired: Apr/26/1981
Guest star: Michael Kitchen (Arthur), Jeremy Clyde (Charlie Prince)

Arthur is in love with his boss's daughter but lacks the finesse to woo her. His new lodger Charlie can help, but Charlie's constant sponging is proving to be a bit of a problem. He is a problem who simply won't go away.

39 - 4x05 - A Woman's Help
First aired: May/03/1981

40 - 4x06 - ShatterproofFirst aired: May/10/1981
Guest star: Caroline Langrishe (Ellen), Bridget McConnell (Mrs Emerson), Godfrey Talbot (Emerson), Eli Wallach (Gerry Williams), Anthony Pullen Shaw (Smith)

A businessman finds himself on the wrong end of a hitman's pistol.

Can he talk himself out of it, or will it require some sleight of hand?

41 - 4x07 - The Sound Machine
First aired: May/17/1981

42 - 4x08 - Never Speak Ill of the Dead
First aired: May/24/1981
Guest star: Warren Clarke (Bob), Colin Blakely (Dr. David Rankin)

43 - 4x09 - The Best Policy
First aired: May/31/1981
Guest star: William Boyett (Simpson), Logan Ramsey (Philbert), Deborah Harmon (Daisy Flock), Gary Burghoff (Harry Flock)

44 - 4x10 - The Last Bottle in the World
First aired: Jun/07/1981
Guest star: Gary Bond (Marc de Marechal), Neville Phillips (Waiter), Nigel Hawthorne (Charles Drummond), Lynette Davies (Sophie Kassoulas), Anthony Quayle (Kyros Kassoulas)

45 - 4x11 - Kindly Dig Your Grave
First aired: Jun/14/1981
Guest star: Micheline Presle (Madame La Grue), Robert H. Thomson (Graham McKenzie), Celia Gregory (Fatima)

Art dealer Madame La Grue has found a cash cow in the undernourished painter Graeme McKenzie.

But Graeme's girlfriend Fatima paints a less than rosy picture, one which could ensure a happy ending for both her and Graeme.

46 - 4x12 - Completely Foolproof
First aired: Jun/21/1981
Guest star: Linda Liles (Miss Graham), Telly Savalas (Joe Brisson), Ramsay Williams (Howard Duncombe), Rita Gam (Lisa), Doug Lambert (Harrington), Belinda Mayne (Anna Kleiber)

Brisson, a ruthless tycoon thinks his wife is stupid. But she is more ruthless than even he.

47 - 4x13 - There's One Born Every Minute
First aired: Jun/05/1981
Director: Alan Gibson
Guest star: Heather Sears (Margaret Pearson), Kevin Brennan (Mr Grimshaw), Peter Copley (Man at Railway Station), Andrew Burt (Edward), Jo Rowbottom (Joy), Deryck Guyler (Commissionaire), Frank Finlay (Arthur Pearson)

48 - 4x14 - Bosom Friends
First aired: Jun/12/1981
Guest star: Aaron Shirley (Mr. Brown), Joan Greenwood (Margaret Pearson)

49 - 4x15 - A Glowing Future
First aired: Jul/19/1981
Guest star: Joanna Pettet (Betsy), John Beck (Jack)

50 - 4x16 - The Way to Do it
First aired: Jul/26/1981
Guest star: Elizabeth Spriggs (Aunt May), Elaine Paige (Suzie), Andrew Ray (Roger Carson), Martin Benson (Vasco)

51 - 4x17 - Hijack
First aired: Dec/26/1981
Guest star: Michael Craig (Hijacker), Suzanne Danielle (Stewardess), Denis Quilley (Captain Waterhouse), Peter Tuddenham (Control Voices), Doug Lambert (American Passenger)

Tales of the Unexpected Season 5

52 - 5x01 - Blue Marigold
First aired: Apr/25/1982
Guest star: Helen Fraser (Beryl), Toyah Willcox (Marigold), Sharon Duce (Sophie Trent), Paul Seed (Director)

53 - 5x02 - The Eavesdropper
First aired: May/02/1982
Guest star: Michael Craig (Donald), Lill Roughley (Blonde Girl), Sheila Ruskin (Louise), Dorothy Tutin (Moira)

54 - 5x03 - Operation Safecrack
First aired: May/09/1982
Writer: Henry Slesar
Director: Alan Gibson
Guest star: David Hanson (Winford Stark), John Mills (Sam Morrissey), Edward Burnham (Henry Bliss), June Ritchie (June Morrisey), Rachel Laurence (Hilda), Jason Norman (Billy Thompson), David Healy (Jack Harrison), Eliza Buckingham (Reporter)

55 - 5x04 - Run, Rabbit, Run
First aired: May/16/1982
Guest star: James Aubrey (Bobby Simpson), Constantine Gregory (Jacques Vareille), Leslie Caron (Nathalie Vareille)

56 - 5x05 - Stranger in Town
First aired: May/23/1982
Guest star: Derek Jacobi (Sir Columbus), Clive Swift (Latham), Giles Phibbs (The Foreman), Jennifer Connelly (Young Girl)

57 - 5x06 - The Moles
First aired: May/30/1982
Guest star: Joe Gladwin (Henry), Avril Elgar (Thelma), Fulton Mackay (Edward), Bill Owen (Meakins), Harry H Corbett (George)

58 - 5x07 - Decoy
First aired: Jun/06/1982
Guest star: Susan Penhaligon (WPC Mary Bryan), Ian Redford (Detective Sergeant Harvey), Ian MacKenzie (Police Draughtsman), Frank Wylie (Chief Inspector McLintock), Tim Woodward (Timothy Burton)

When Woman Police Constable Mary Bryan agrees to act as a decoy to trap a notorious rapist and murderer, she finds that the woods which she must walk through contain more than one murderer.

59 - 5x08 - Pattern of GuiltFirst aired: Jun/13/1982
Guest star: Peter Egan (Keith), Jennie Linden (Faye), Bernard Kay (Det. Sgt. Jim Gordon)

60 - 5x09 - A Harmless Vanity
First aired: Jun/20/1982
Guest star: Keith Barron (George Hitchman), Sheila Gish (Mary Hitchman)

When Mary Hitchman is informed of her husband's affair with a younger woman, she arranges to meet her rival at a secluded place by the sea.

A harmless makeover leads to a totally unexpected series of events.

61 - 5x10 - Death Can Add
First aired: Jun/27/1982
Guest star: Frank Gatliff (Thomas Keyes), Ian Holm (Alan Corwin), Ronald Culver (Sir Alex Bullen), Michael N. Harbour (Oliver Platt), Jan Francis (Leila)

When auditor Alan Corwin discovers that investor Oliver Platt has been embezzling funds from the company, he decides that he wants a slice of the action as well.

Unfortunately for him, Oliver has other plans which blow up in both of their faces.

62 - 5x11 - Light Fingers
First aired: Jul/04/1982
Guest star: Frank Sinatra, Jr. (Cotter), Tom Bosley (Ralph Stackpole), Penelope Gillette (Gladys Miton), Janet Leigh (Joan Stackpole), Kenneth Tigar (Semple)

63 - 5x12 - Death in the Morning
First aired: Jul/11/1982
Guest star: Hilary Mason (Mrs. Pardoe), Moray Watson (Sir Ian Masterson), Alan Rowe (Duncan Larch), John Stamp (Williams), Richard Austin (Paul Masterson), Carol Drinkwater (Linda Larch), Cherie Lunghi (Karen Masterson)

64 - 5x13 - What Have you Been up to Lately?
First aired: Jul/18/1982
Guest star: Peter Barkworth (Richard Mellor)

65 - 5x14 - The Absence of Emily
First aired: Jul/25/1982
Guest star: Frances Tomelty (Norma), Patsy Byrne (Jean), Anthony Valentine (Bob), Susan Tracy (Emily)

Bob and Emily are a married couple who after arriving back from Kenya make their residence with Emily's sister Jean.

When Emily disappears without trace, Bob becomes the target of much local gossip and innuendo, most of it fanned by Jean, a magistrate who cannot keep her nose out of other people's business.

66 - 5x15 - In the Bag
First aired: Aug/01/1982
Guest star: Michael A. Candela (Gardener), Terry O'Quinn (Cop), Lou Jacobi (Waiter), Roxanne Hart (Cara), Edward Albert (Sam)

67 - 5x16 - A Man with a Fortune
First aired: Aug/08/1982
Guest star: Shane Rimmer (John Smith), Peter Tuddenham (Tommy), Donald Eccles (Vicar), Elizabeth Richardson (Eva), Cyd Hayman (Janet Murdoch)

68 - 5x17 - Who's Got the Lady?
First aired: Aug/15/1982
Guest star: Peter Howell (Louis Kendall), Richard Johnson (Parnell), Neil Daglish (Heath), Vincent Wong (Art Dealer), Victoria Tennant (Bernice), Robert Beatty (Pulver), Laurence Payne (Collingwood), Gladys Spencer (Old Lady)

69 - 5x18 - The Skeleton Key
First aired: Aug/22/1982
Guest star: John Duttine (Max), Julie Dawn Cole (Emma), Peter Jeffrey (Mr. Stewart), Peter Machin (Andy), Tony Osoba (Dr. Hartley)

Andy, who is a radiologist, is dismayed when he discovers that his longtime girlfriend, Emma, has fallen in love with Max.

Max and Emma have set a date for their wedding, and Andy is determined to stop the event from proceeding. While talking to Max one day he discovers that Max is the proud possessor of an antique watch inherited from his grandfather.

When it looks as though Max has swallowed the key to the watch, Andy's hopes for a delayed wedding look as though they are coming true.

Tales of the Unexpected Season 6

70 - 6x01 - A Passing Opportunity
First aired: Apr/09/1983
Director: Graham Evans
Guest star: George Sewell (Laughlin), Bryan Marshall (Frank Jesmond), Charles Keating (Peter Madison), Paul Davies Prowles (Timmy), Janette Legge (Eleanor Jesmond), Guy Bertrand (Manservant), Mark Lewis (Showroom Manager)

71 - 6x02 - The Memory Man
First aired: Apr/16/1983
Director: Peter Duffell
Guest star: Judy Geeson (Mary), Colin Blakely (Colin Mearns), Bernard Cribbins (Charlie Krebs/Mr. King)

72 - 6x03 - A Sad Loss
First aired: Apr/23/1983
Director: John Gorrie
Guest star: Elizabeth Bradley (Mrs. Bradley), Stuart Wilson (Dave Brigham), Heinz Bernard (Charlie), Hayley Mills (Claire Hawksworth), Lally Bowers (Alicia Hawksworth), Ronnie Cush (Harry), Phyllida Law (Maggie Patton)

A desperate potential heiress is suddenly demoted in the will. What can she possibly do?

73 - 6x04 - Clerical Error
First aired: Mar/30/1983
Director: Graham Evans
Guest star: Richard Pearson (Michael Carey), Hugh Fraser (Paul Standing), Evelyn Laye (Mrs. Standing), David Webb (Ronnie Carey)

74 - 6x05 - Heir PresumptuousFirst aired: May/07/1983
Director: Philip Leacock
Guest star: Ann Doran (Mary Deacon), Royce D. Applegate (Deputy Eddie Ream), David Cassidy (Twins), Tara Buckman (Sally Fenton), Robert Snively (George Devon), Darren McGavin (Sheriff Milt Singleton)

75 - 6x06 - Where's Your Sense of Humour?
First aired: Apr/14/1983
Director: Leonard Lewis
Guest star: Tom Chadbon (Frank Parker), Sheila Gish (Laura Parker)

76 - 6x07 - Down Among the Sheltering Palms
First aired: May/21/1983
Writer: John Gorrie
Director: John Gorrie
Guest star: Gabrielle Hamilton (Doris), Peter Jessup (Dancer), Iris Everson (Dancer), Barry McCarthy (Jeff), Van Johnson (Gerry), Unity Grimwood (Dancer), Margaret Courtenay (Marge), Clare Welch (Dancer), Vanessa Paine (Carol), Anne Carroll (Lena), Geoffrey Bayldon (Sid), Christopher Fulford (Bill)

77 - 6x08 - The Vorpal Blade
First aired: May/28/1983
Guest star: John Bailey (Winterluck), Michael Gardiner (Duellist), Matthew Francis (Von Baden As A Student), Andrew Bicknell (Macker), Dean Allen (Duellist), Barrie Jaimeson (Josef), Peter Cushing (Von Baden), Anthony Higgins (Cassan), Denys Graham (Doctor), Kirstie Pooley (Eva), Stephen Brigden (Duellist)

78 - 6x09 - The Wrong 'Un
First aired: Jun/11/1983
Guest star: Daragh O'Malley (Jimmy), Carrie Lee Baker (Maid), Andrew Ray (Cranmer Oakes), Constantine Gregory (Helmut Weinrich (as Constantin de Goguel)), Elspeth March (Mrs. Carson), Lucy Gutteridge (Molly), Graham Weston (Businessman), Richard Foxton (Assistant Manager)

79 - 6x10 - The Luncheon
First aired: Jun/19/1983
Guest star: Hazel McBride (Louise Medway), Jacqueline Hill (Melanie Litmayer), Stephen Greif (Maitre D), Bosco Hogan (Anthony Medway)

80 - 6x11 - The Tribute

First aired: Jun/25/1983
Guest star: Anna Neagle (Fanny Soane), Sheila Burrell (Lady Eleanor Benson), Eleanor Bron (Polly Knox), Brian Tipping (Head Waiter), Stuart Turton (Wine Waiter), Phyllis Calvert (Mabel Ince)

81 - 6x12 - Hit and Run
First aired: May/10/1983
Guest star: Brenda Blethyn (Carol Hutchins), Robert McBain (Ambulance Driver), Ray Lonnen (Dr. Steve Hutchins), Michael Melia (Detective Sergeant), Antony Carrick (Inspector), Tony Crean (Ambulance Attendant), John Duttine (Dr. Roger Ashburn)

82 - 6x13 - Youth from Vienna
First aired: Jul/02/1983
Guest star: Sharon Gless (Caroline Coates), Dick Smothers (Dr. Humphrey Baxter), James Carroll Jordan (Alan Brodie)

83 - 6x14 - Turn of the Tide
First aired: Sep/03/1983
Guest star: Richard Basehart (Slade)

Tales of the Unexpected Season 7

84 - 7x01 - The Dirty Detail
First aired: May/12/1984
Guest star: Ted Gehring (Bartender), George Peppard (Sgt. Guedo), Vince Howard (Detective), Kevin Dobson (Fred Pearson), Jenny O'Hara (Pearson's Wife), Tom Finnegan (Barfly)

85 - 7x02 - The Best Chess Player in the World
First aired: May/19/1984
Guest star: Michael Jayston (G.B. Shaw), Clifford Parrish (Frank Miller), Christopher Reich (Peter Simpson), Mark Jax (White), Andrew Ray (Jerry Wilde), Lynette Davies (Paula Shaw)

G.B. Shaw informs his visitor that he is the greatest chess player in the world. He chose his wife, not out of love, but as a logical extension to his life.

When he discovers that his wife is cheating on him, G.B. Shaw decides that she must be removed, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But how is G.B. Shaw going to commit the perfect crime?

86 - 7x03 - Proxy
First aired: May/26/1984
Guest star: Malachy McCourt (Judge), Barbara Bolton (Mrs. Sutton), Larry Keith (Grenich), Lois Smith (Sara), Joanne Lara (Maria), Tom Smothers (William), Patrick O'Neal (Sutton)

87 - 7x04 - Have a Nice Death
First aired: Jun/02/1984
Writer: Wolf Mankowitz
Director: William Slater
Guest star: Sue Vanner (Zara Luke), Barbara Rosenblatt (TV Interviewer), Ian Tyler (Bellhop), Kate Harper (Clodagh Jansen), Susannah Fellows (Joannie), Simon Cadell (Sam Luke)

88 - 7x05 - Number Eight
First aired: Jun/09/1984
Writer: Ross Thomas
Director: Leo Penn
Guest star: Dennis Christopher (Killer), Brad Dourif (Hitch-hiker), Kathleen Doyle (Ann), Will Hare (Old Man)

89 - 7x06 - The Last of the Midnight Gardeners
First aired: Jun/16/1984
Writer: Gerald Savory
Director: Peter Hammond
Guest star: Celia Gregory (Edna), Jane Asher (Jane), Patrick Mower (Walter), Forbes Collins (Inspector ), Jim Norton (Dr. Mellish)

90 - 7x07 - The Gift of Beauty
First aired: Jun/30/1984
Guest star: Carol Lynley (Elizabeth), MacKenzie Allen (Ray), Randall Edwards (Rebecca)

91 - 7x08 - Wet Saturday
First aired: Jul/07/1984
Writer: John Collier
Director: Norman Lloyd
Guest star: Ed Begley, Jr. (George)

92 - 7x09 - Sauce for the Goose
First aired: Jul/21/1984
Guest star: Lisa Dunsheath (Gloria), Robert Morse (Stephen Shaw), Gloria Grahame (Olivia)

93 - 7x10 - Bird of Prey
First aired: Aug/04/1984
Writer: Ross Thomas
Director: Ray Danton
Guest star: Charles Hallahan (Charlie), Sondra Locke (Edna), Frank Converse (Jack)

94 - 7x11 - I Like it Here in Wilmington
First aired: Nov/08/1984
Writer: David Scott Milton
Director: John Peyser
Guest star: Susan Strasberg (Roberta Elton), Robert Loggia (Harry Elton), Tom Smothers (Marvin Castlemore)

95 - 7x12 - Accidental Death
First aired: Aug/19/1984
Writer: Denis Cannan
Director: Peter Duffell
Guest star: Cyril Cusack (Percy Hampton), Lynsey Baxter (Jane), Bryan Matheson (Husband), Jacqueline Hill (Mrs. Milvain), Tamara Ustinov (Beryl), Giles Phibbs (Farmer), John Hug (Arthur), Ian Flintoff (Doctor), Andrew Ray (Steve), Yvonne Marsh (Policewoman), Ruth Kettlewell (Wife)

96 - 7x13 - The Reconciliation
First aired: Sep/16/1984
Writer: Roy Russell
Director: John Jacobs
Guest star: Meg Davies (Caroline Howgill), Keith Edwards (Juan Luis Romero), Roger Rees (James Howgill), Wilfred Grove (Porter), Jim Norton (H.A.K. Bates), John Castle (Derek Johnstone), Annamaria Macchi (Sandra Marino)

97 - 7x14 - The Mugger
First aired: Oct/14/1984
Writer: Robin Chapman
Director: Peter Hammond
Guest star: Mark Lewis (The Man), Forbes Collins (Police Officer), Roy Marsden (Gerald Overton), Graham Bell (Interviewer On TV), Evie Garratt (Mrs. Cromer), Kate Harper (Mary Tregallas), Zara Nutley (Ann Dibbell), Diana Goodman (Television Reporter), Amanda Boxer (Jenny Overton), David Hanson (John Dibbell), Toby Scopes (James Overton), Peter Russell (Police Constable)

98 - 7x15 - The Open Window
First aired: Oct/21/1984
Writer: David Trainer
Director: Chris Lukas
Guest star: Valerie Mahaffey (Jane), Michael Conforti (Stanley), Michael Galloway (Stuart), Richard Marr (Vernon), Richard Dow (Gregory), Dina Merrill (Marjorie)

Tales of the Unexpected Season 8

99 - 8x01 - People Don't Do Such Things
First aired: Mar/30/1985
Director: Gordon Hessler
Guest star: Samantha Eggar (Gwen Carter), Denise Galik-Furey (Melanie Todd), Don Johnson (Reeve Baker), Jay Varela (Sergeant Demmer), Arthur Hill (Terence Carter)

100 - 8x02 - In the Cards
First aired: Jul/14/1985
Director: John Peyser
Guest star: Susan Strasberg (Madame Myra), Kenneth Tigar (Merrifield), Max Gail (Charlie), Elaine Giftos (Grace)

101 - 8x03 - Nothin' Short of Highway Robbery
First aired: Jul/21/1985
Writer: Luther Murdoch
Director: John Peyser
Guest star: Jennifer Holmes (Marcie), Warren Oates (Harry), Bud Cort (Newt), Bettye Ackerman (Ruby)

102 - 8x04 - Scrimshaw
First aired: Jul/28/1985
Director: Dezsö Magyar
Guest star: Buddy Owen (Sailor), Charles Kimbrough (Eric), Joan Hackett (Brenda), Harry Richard (Desk Clerk), Adair Jameson (Gallery Lady)

Tales of the Unexpected Season 9

103 - 9x01 - Skeleton in the Cupboard
First aired: Dec/18/1987
Director: Paul Annett
Guest star: Zoë Wanamaker (Margaret Smythe), Francesca Brill (Jane Fisher), Charles Dance (Robert Smythe), Matthew Jones (Man on Phone), Philip Dunbar (Henry Traile)

104 - 9x02 - The Colonel's Lady
First aired: Jan/08/1988
Writer: Denis Cannan
Director: Barry Davis
Guest star: Joss Ackland (Colonel George Peregrine), Anna Nicholas (Irina Stefanopoulos), Kate Emma Davies (Clio Stefanopoulos), Dennis Matsuki (Manservant), Gareth Thomas (Telfer), Paul Williamson (Harry), John Horsley (Giles Rowley), Allan Corduner (Bookshop Assistant), Rupert Frazer (Basil Dashwood), Carol Leader (Daphne), Pauline Collins (Eve Peregrine)

105 - 9x03 - The Surgeon
First aired: Jan/15/1988
Writer: Robin Chapman
Director: Graham Evans
Guest star: David Belcher (Julius Goff), Alison Fiske (Betty Sandy), Thorley Walters (Harry Gold), Raad Rawi (Crown Prince Zawi), Geoffrey Greenhill (Det. Ins. Watkins), John Skitt (James Wishart), Jonathan Coy (William Haddock), Shirley Cain (Sister Wyman), Devon Scott (Jane Chenies), John Alderton (Robert Sandy)

106 - 9x04 - The Verger
First aired: Jan/22/1988
Writer: Denis Cannan
Director: Rodney Bennett
Guest star: Tony Kassell (Boy), Debbie Norris (Waitress), Glenda Smith (Waitress), Rowland Davies (The Bank Manager), Geoffrey Chater (The Magistrate), Mike Carnell (Passerby), Richard Briers (Albert Dobson), Patricia Routledge (Milly Dobson), Andrew Burt (The Vicar), Andrew Seear (Man In Teashop), Gareth Walker (Cafe Owner), Bruce Boa (Mr. Groober), Geoffrey Beevers (The Health Inspector), Bradley Lavelle (The Lawyer)

Based on Somerset Maugham’s story, the tale a verger of 16 years standing and the secret he's forced to reveal when a new, innovative verger arrives.

107 - 9x05 - The Facts of Life
First aired: Jan/29/1988
Director: John Gorrie
Guest star: Gerald Logan (James), Paul Vaughan-Teague (Scorer), John Drake (President), Stephen Hancock (Mr. Lillie), Ronnie Stevens (Rudge), Genevieve Allenbury (Croupier), Jim Broadbent (Lovejoy), Daphne Neville (Mrs. Lillie), Benedict Taylor (Nicholas Lillie), Ronald Markham (Arthur), Rosalind Bennett (Zoe)

108 - 9x06 - Wink Three Times
First aired: Apr/15/1988
Writer: Paul Ableman
Director: Paul Annett
Guest star: Robin Lermitte (Piers), Andrew Bicknell (Giles Wimbourne), Jeremy Gittins (Dominic), Caroline Goodall (Holly Peverill), Liza Goddard (Barbara Colport), Ellis Dale (Desk Clerk), Peter Davison (Jeremy Tyler), Peter Baldwin (Desk Clerk), Luke Kelly (Barman)

Liza Goddard, searching for partner joins dubious escort agency.

109 - 9x07 - The Dead Don't Steal
First aired: Apr/22/1988
Writer: Robin Chapman
Director: John Glenister
Guest star: Michael Wisher (Dexter), Lois Baxter (Annie Johnson)

110 - 9x08 - The Finger of Suspicion
First aired: Apr/29/1988
Writer: Robin Chapman
Director: Rodney Bennett
Guest star: Rob Spendlove (Det. Inspector Hook), Nadim Sawalha (Zayid), Michael Brandon (Stephen Baker), Stefan Kalipha (Chief Inspector Aziz), Michael O'Hagan (Det. Superintendent Burke), Lucy Gutteridge (Soroya)

111 - 9x09 - A Time to Die
First aired: May/06/1988
Writer: Robin Chapman
Director: Paul Annett
Guest star: Nina Van Pallandt (Marthe Drouard), Sarah-Jane Varley (Lucie), Adam Crouch (Antoine), Pauline Letts (Madame Cabon), Paul Herzberg (Henri), Ivor Roberts (Gas Inspector), David Suchet (Yves Drouard), Jemma Redgrave (Violette Charbonneau)

112 - 9x10 - Mr Know-All
First aired: May/13/1988
Writer: Paul Ableman
Director: Gareth Davies
Guest star: Erika Hoffman (Suzie Anderson), Kim Thomson (Elly Somerton), Edward Wiley (Jasper Cranley), Steve Plytas (Professor Daxatides), Eamonn Walker (Bates), Peter Frye (Professor Maddox), Leslie Lyon (Lizzie Cranley), Topol (Professor Max Kelada), Steffanie Pitt (Angela Dalton)

Tales of the Unexpected Season 1 Episodes 1-9

 Tales of the Unexpected Season 2 Episodes 10-25

Tales of the Unexpected Season 3 Episodes 26-34

Tales of the Unexpected Season 4 Episodes 35-51

Tales of the Unexpected Season 5 Episodes 52-69

Tales of the Unexpected Season 6 Episodes 70-83

Tales of the Unexpected Season 7 Episodes 84-98 

Tales of the Unexpected Season 8 Episodes 99-102 

Tales of the Unexpected Season 9 Episodes 103-112

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