Yokai Monsters: One Hundred Monsters (1968) Kimiyoshi Yasuda

Yokai Monsters: One Hundred Monsters (1968)
aka Yôkai hyaku monogatari aka The Hundred Monsters
Genre: Horror | Fantasy
Country: Japan | Director: Kimiyoshi Yasuda
Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English
(Optional, embedded in Mkv file) & Portuguese (.srt file)
Aspect ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1 | Length: 80mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 844x364 - 23.976fps - 968mb

This is the first of three "Yokai" films made in the 1960s by Daiei, which also gave the world Gamera and Giant Majin. Like the later, this film has a period setting that suggests a samurai film and emphasizes a human drama in which, ultimately, only the intervention of a supernatural monster (in this case, "yokai," or spirits) can resolve the conflict satisfactorily. The plot is built around a wealthy man who exploits a poor village, purchasing a local shrine that he intends to destroy. The villagers do their best to stop him, but their attempts are futile. Fortunately, the villain is undone by his own hand, hiring a storyteller whose tales of Yokai invoke the real thing, which bring about doom to the rich developer and his plan. 

The title derives from the idea that there is a particular ritual to telling of Yokai tales, with a series of 100 stories followed by a final recitation that puts the evoked spirits to rest. The developer - who sees the stories only as entertainment, not as that solemn ritual that it is - refuses to sit through the final recitation, thus unleashing the ghosts. 

100 Monsters cleverly weaves these stories into the larger framework of the movie, illustrating several of them in neat little vignettes. The result is that most of the appearances made by the monsters are clearly not meant to be real, and even when they finally do intrude upon reality, there is still a careful ambiguity maintained, with the panicked villains dispatched in such a way that they may merely be killing themselves while suffering a delusion.
 Yokai Monsters: One Hundred Monsters (1968)

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